The extra virgin olive oil is the natural juice extracted directly from olives, so it contains all the healthy and nutritional attributes of this exceptional natural product. This oil is known for the great variety of benefits that it brings to our body, since it reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, coronary and liver diseases, among others.

Diets rich in extra virgin olive oil are associated with low mortality due to myocardial infarction. On the other hand, its irreproachable analytical and sensory qualities make this product one of the main ingredients in any recipe of Mediterranean cuisine, giving unique and inimitable flavors to food especially in its natural state for dressings and dressings, but also in fried foods , grilled meals, etc. The place of origin of the fruit of the olive tree prints a certain character to the extra virgin olive oil that is obtained. The soil, the variety of the fruit and the climatic factors influence the color, the flavor and the aroma.


Nutritional and Culinary Benefits

It provides an unparalleled taste to meals, in addition, a high content of vitamin E, essential for the human body. Thanks to the fact that extra virgin olive oil is obtained only by physical procedures, the consumption of this crude oil is much healthier than that of other oils.

Extra Virgin

Extra Virgin

All the extra virgin olive oil obtained under the Olivos de las Animas brands comes from our olive groves.



Olivos de las Animas is bottled every month and on demand so that the oil is always kept in its inertized deposits.



Thanks to our geographical location, the foothills (of the hill) of Las Animas, our oils are 100% of the variety Arbequina, Picual or Coratina.

Health Benefits

It provides elementary fatty acids for human life, which are oleic and linoleic. Oleic acids are very beneficial for regulating cholesterol, increasing HDL or good cholesterol and exerting protection, which helps reduce LDL or bad cholesterol, which reduces the risk of arterial thrombosis and heart attack. In addition, oil is good for:


Digestive System

It improves the functioning of the stomach and pancreas, the hepatobiliary level and the intestinal level.


Circulatory System

It helps prevent atherosclerosis and its consequences.


Endocrine System

Improves metabolic functions.


Osseous System

Stimulates growth and promotes calcium absorption and mineralization.



Protective and tonic effect of the epidermis.


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