Extra Virgin

All the extra virgin olive oil obtained under the Olivos de las Animas brands comes from our olive groves.


Olivos de las Animas is bottled every month and on demand so that the oil is always kept in its inertized deposits.


Thanks to our geographical location, the foothills of Las Animas, our oils are 100% of the variety Arbequina, Picual or Coratina.


About Us

Los Tocayos has a plantation of 24 hectares of olive trees, obeys a semi-intensive framework, this is a 6 meter x 4 meter plantation frame, in which each hectare has about 416 trees, totaling 10,000 trees throughout the plantation.

Our olive groves are irrigated in 100% of the exploitation, which guarantees us to achieve spectacular regularity both in the harvest and in the quality of it.

Respect for the environment is an agronomic aspect for which Los Tocayos SRL. has been betting since its beginnings, not yet practicing organic farming, our agricultural policy is aimed at an integrated production, such as: the use of pruning waste as organic fertilizer, maintenance of the vegetation cover, thus reducing erosion and facilitating the land permeability, and also avoiding the irrational use of herbicides, thus facilitating micro habitat of native species


Our History

The Origin
We begin to look for fields to undertake a new challenge.
We specify the purchase of the fields.
We begin planting the first 24 hectares.
We made our first harvest.
We launched our brand ‘Olivos de las Ánimas’.


Our Oils


In the department of Maldonado, near Pan de Azúcar, at the bottom of the Cerro de las Ánimas, 100 meters above sea level, the second highest hill in our country, very close to Cerro Pan de Azúcar, in a privileged environment with landscapes and a very particular energy. Located just 15 minutes from Punta del Este and one hour from our capital Montevideo.

About Us

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The extra virgin olive oil is an irreplaceable part of the famous Mediterranean diet. Thousands of years ago, the Mediterranean people already produced and consumed olive oil on a regular basis: along with bread and wine, olive oil was the third in the triad of staple foods.
Nature has left us a wonderful heritage, a land of strong and fruitful olive trees, which each year give us their extraordinary fruits. From there come the best olive oils in the world. And here, in our online olive oil shop, you can buy this exquisite green gold, straight from the mill to your table, so you can enjoy and take advantage of all the unique organoleptic properties of the best extra virgin olive oil.

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Health Benefits

It provides elementary fatty acids for human life, which are oleic and linoleic. Oleic acids are very beneficial for regulating cholesterol, increasing HDL or good cholesterol and exerting protection, which helps reduce LDL or bad cholesterol, which reduces the risk of arterial thrombosis and heart attack. In addition, oil is good for: